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Class Assembly

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Baking Bread

Today we baked bread, just like the woman in the story Three Wise Women. We made soda bread and first we watched as we mixed bicarbonate of soda with soured milk, it bubbled up. We learnt that this is what makes the bread rise. We took the bread home to share with our family, just like Jesus.

If you have any photos of you sharing our bread, please post them on here.


The Three Wise Women leave some gifts

We received some breaking news this morning; a big star had been spotted above our school and three wise women had also been seen. We were told to look for clues in our classroom. When we returned to class we found a clue sending us outside. We followed a series of clues, ended up back in class and when we did, we found three enormous presents. We think the Three Wise Women left the presents as inside there were gifts of bread, love and a story.



We have been learning all about the sacrament of Baptism in class 4E. We decided to hold our own baptism in class and act out a baptism of one of our dolls. We used water, oil, a white garment and a baptismal candle.

image image image image image image

The Dinosaur Egg has Hatched

The dinosaur egg in class 4E has hatched. It hatched this morning at playtime and created a big mess in the classroom. Luckily there were some PCSOs in school who could come and check we were safe. We went on a dinosaur hunt to look for clues and see if we could find the dinosaur.

Dinosaur Egg in 4E


We have found a dinosaur egg in our classroom. We have made a nest to keep it safe and warm. We are hoping it will hatch so we can have a pet dinosaur in class. We are keeping our eyes open for the Mummy dinosaur, we think she might be around school.

Dinosaur Mike

Today we had a visit from Dinosaur Mike, we had lots of fun and found out some interesting facts about dinosaurs. We got to see and touch some real fossils, including part of a Tyrannosaurus’ jaw! We acted like leaf eater dinosaurs and practised being very still when the Tyrannosaurus came by so we wouldn’t get eaten.

Thank you Dinosaur Mike!


Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, class 4 have ¬†been looking at one of his Dirty Beast poems called The Porcupine. We have written a newspaper article on what happened in the poem and we worked out what sweets the girl in the poem may have bought with 50p. We thought The Porcupine was very funny and enjoyed Roald Dahl’s humour. Click the video to watch the story.


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